Archive: May 2016

    Newbies guide to becoming a pro in the Club Gym

    I have a secret for you.. I didn’t join a gym until I turned 23…. I was lucky that I managed to stay relatively lean, until I went to University and gained some weight, with too much booze and takeaways. That’s what pushed me to join a gym, to tone up and feel better about […]

    8 Top Tips For Lifting Weights

    1) Have a plan. It’s so much easier to know what you’re doing before you try and do it! It’s way too easy to get into the gym, float around feeling slightly unmotivated, not get very much done, and then leave feeling like you’ve not achieved anything! Write yourself a plan that suits your goal, […]


    Around 18 months ago I was working my notice at my old job and I was scared shitless about leaving the reliable monthly income and going it alone in self-employment.