Monday Movement: Toe Touches

Toe Touches & Abdominal Training Do you train your abs properly? Do you feel every repetition? Do you use insanely high reps just to feel the burn? Do you use additional weight? In most cases, people don’t know how to feel the abs working correctly, so they go for more higher rep range, anything from […]

Thursday Stretch: Yogi Squat

THURSDAY STRETCH: YOGI SQUAT Squatting a natural movement and position, but in the western world we’ve fallen out of the way of it in our everyday lives – it’s actually very similar to the natural position for humans for going for a poo!) Young children are usually great at the yogi squat, readily adopting it […]

Tuesday Tips: Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials Don’t let a badly organised (or non-existent!) gym bag prevent you from making a training session.  Below is a list of Louise‘s gym bag essentials for women: Gym Clothes While I wear a variety of t-shirts and vests that are not specifically ‘sportswear’, my leggings and sports bras are ALWAYS fit for purpose.  It’s […]

Monday Movement: Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers Mountain climbers are a fantastic full-body workout that targets a multitude of muscles in the body. Along with having its callisthenics and athletic benefits, it’s certainly up there with my top five full-body exercises. Benefits Increase in balance Increase in coordination Increase in your agility Increase in core, arm, shoulder strength Muscles worked Quadriceps […]

Thursday Stretch: Extended Puppy Pose

THURSDAY STRETCH: Extended Puppy Pose This pose is perfect for improving your spine flexibility. It also opens the chest and can release tension in the neck and shoulders. How To Starting on all fours, keeping your knees hip-width apart, slowly walk your hands out in front of you. Keep your hips over your knees as […]

Tuesday Tips: Parents & Exercise

It’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed by the thought of finding time in a crazy busy schedule to find time to exercise. But it is possible, and here are some of my top tips to help you do it. 1. Make exercise family time Bike rides, going swimming and cycling are a great way […]

Monday Movement: The Press Up

The Press Up Often, this movement is done incorrectly. Very often there is no: Retraction of shoulder blades Shoulders not positioned over the hands Elbows flare out, too far forward Core, back, glutes, legs not contracted So as you can see in the demonstration, we have three positions. Let me explain: Position hands shoulder width […]

Tuesday Tips: Being Realistic With Your Goals

  There’s a lot to be said for being realistic, especially when it comes to your goals. You aren’t going to become a gym rat overnight if you hated going before. You also shouldn’t set a goal to drop two stone in one month. Setting unrealistic goals sets people up for failure and they give […]