Tuesday Tips: Being Realistic With Your Goals

  There’s a lot to be said for being realistic, especially when it comes to your goals. You aren’t going to become a gym rat overnight if you hated going before. You also shouldn’t set a goal to drop two stone in one month. Setting unrealistic goals sets people up for failure and they give […]

Tuesday Tips – Food tracking

If you’re getting into the swing of things with your training, the chances are that you’ll be making more of a conscious effort to eat better. You may be tracking food tracking / keeping a food diary. If you aren’t, I’d highly recommend it! A great tool to use for food tracking is the app […]

Why we’re different!

The Club Gym is the creation of three vastly experienced personal trainers with a passion for fitness. There was no multi-million pound investment in the company, no businessmen in suits sweeping in with a big team of people behind them, just three hard working guys determined to change the face of the gym industry. We […]

Choosing your new gym

Choosing your new gym is an important part of your life, it has to be a place that makes you want to keep going. It has to inspire you and motivate you. Basically this is the place you will go to de-stress away from life, a place to work hard, a place to really give […]

The importance of community

The first ever gym I used was a local council gym in my home town of East Kilbride when I was only 15 years old. Back then we just didn’t have the same choice in gyms and they weren’t as popular as they are today. Although it was a small gym, it had a great […]

Planning to propose?

At this time of year, many of us are busy, Christmas shopping and getting ready for the New Year, but this is also a very popular time for proposals, as many prepare to pop the question to their loved one! ROX jewellers recently put together the perfect guide to proposing in Glasgow; not only did […]

Winter Workouts

Winter has begun so it’s time to have some fun! Dark mornings and the drop in temperature shouldn’t be an excuse to give up on your goals – these are both indications that the festive season is coming, so it’s the perfect time to push yourself! We understand why colder, darker mornings may demotivate you […]