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    5 Tips To Get That Perfect Beauty Sleep

    We all need our beauty sleep to be at our best but sometimes it can be hard to come by. Follow these 5 simple tips to ease your body into sleeping and wake up feeling ready to face the day! 1. Exercise Not only will regular exercise tire you out and make you want to […]

    The Vision – Part 1

    I’m 2014 I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime.  I was offered the chance to manage a health club in the Sunshine Coast of Australia on a 4 year visa with the chance of residency at the end.  I’d fallen in love with Australia and the idea of returning ever since I travelled there […]

    Life Cannot Exist Without Water

    Life cannot exist without water. The human body can last weeks without food but only days without water. A vital nutrient essential for digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions. So why are people neglecting such an essential nutrient that is so readily available?! Lack of time, too busy, don’t like the taste, forget, not thirsty […]

    What Weights Should I Lift?

    One of the most common questions I get from people who are complete beginners to the gym is, ‘What weight should I lift?’ During a gym induction someone will be shown how to use a machine, however without being shown how to effectively select the weight, the exercises they have been shown may turn out […]

    Newbies guide to becoming a pro in the Club Gym

    I have a secret for you.. I didn’t join a gym until I turned 23…. I was lucky that I managed to stay relatively lean, until I went to University and gained some weight, with too much booze and takeaways. That’s what pushed me to join a gym, to tone up and feel better about […]

    8 Top Tips For Lifting Weights

    1) Have a plan. It’s so much easier to know what you’re doing before you try and do it! It’s way too easy to get into the gym, float around feeling slightly unmotivated, not get very much done, and then leave feeling like you’ve not achieved anything! Write yourself a plan that suits your goal, […]


    Around 18 months ago I was working my notice at my old job and I was scared shitless about leaving the reliable monthly income and going it alone in self-employment.