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    More than just a gym

    The Club Gym – More than Just a Gym Here’s why. You’ve probably noticed that budget gyms are popping up everywhere nowadays.  Yeah, they’re huge and have lots of equipment, but they also have what feels like a million members.  Most of them are open for 24 hours and are unmanned, which I think is […]

    Facebook or MyFitnessPal?

    If you are looking to lose weight or gain a better understanding of nutrition, then quit wasting time on FB and get on MyFitnessPal. I’ve heard it a million times before that people don’t have time to track their food. This is obviously rubbish as the same people will be scrolling through their FB for […]

    The importance of community

    The first ever gym I used was a local council gym in my home town of East Kilbride when I was only 15 years old. Back then we just didn’t have the same choice in gyms and they weren’t as popular as they are today. Although it was a small gym, it had a great […]

    Planning to propose?

    At this time of year, many of us are busy, Christmas shopping and getting ready for the New Year, but this is also a very popular time for proposals, as many prepare to pop the question to their loved one! ROX jewellers recently put together the perfect guide to proposing in Glasgow; not only did […]


    Around 18 months ago I was working my notice at my old job and I was scared shitless about leaving the reliable monthly income and going it alone in self-employment.

    Strength vs Cardio

    Both strength and cardio training have huge benefits. Depending on what your goal is will dictate how you use each discipline. No matter what the goal though, I believe that both should be part of your training schedule.