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    Balance in the gym

    Exam and work stress taking a toll on your training? Don’t quit just plan! It is often overlooked what working out can do for you not only physically but mentally too. Which is why it is super important you are taking some me-time through the week to get yourself to the gym and get those […]

    Why am I struggling to lose fat? Part 1: Stress

    You are on your weight loss journey. You have a tailored training plan and a tailored nutrition plan, but your weight loss has stalled. So, what’s next? Well, most people would automatically think, “oh, I need to drop my calories again, or I need to increase my energy expenditure!!” What I would look are the […]

    Stress – How exercise can help

    Stress can have more of an effect on your health and fitness goals than you might think. Nowadays most of us have something in our lives that can cause us to feel constantly stressed like our jobs, student or family lives.  Long story short, when we are under stress for a period of time our […]